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Membership info


The precondition for compensation is that the driver or registered owner of the privately owned vehicle in the collision, is a member of the Association - "Älgskadefondsföreningen".

  • Membership gives the right to financial help with the cost of repairs incurred to the member, however maximum 7,500 SEK per collision.
  • An additional compensation of 500 SEK (for consulting a medical doctor or other associated costs) is paid out, even in the case of excess elimination.
  • The collision must have taken place in one of the Nordic countries.
  • Written application for compensation is to be made within two months of the date of collision.
  • Compensation is permitted, irrespective of the type of vehicle insurance.
  • The following documents shall be enclosed with the application:
    Police report (»Trafikmålsanteckning«),
    insurance policy certificate(s)
    and invoices/receipts for excess/cost of repairs paid.
  • Membership is personal and costs 120 SEK per calendar year.
  • Within a month of payment, you will receive your membership papers and rules. Read and save them.

Membership covers

from registration date of the paying-in form until end of calendar year. Payment with this paying-in slip, can only be made at a Swedish post office.

Membership means

  • that you contribute towards fewer wild animal accidents. The membership fee is used to inform and spread knowledge to roadusers, hunters and landowners.
  • that you receive financial aid after a collision with moose, roe deer, red- or fallow-deer, reindeer, wild boar, bears, wolves, wolverines, lynx, otters, mufflon sheep and eagles